We are a local community group of volunteers who aim to encourage and support community ideas and projects from seed to oaks!

 We are always open and happy to support any new community ideas or projects, so please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!


LATEST NEWS.... Gilwern Grows April 2021

Our little project Gilwern Grows is off to a fantastic start, with three sites to look after this year! We have two sites that need a little ground work before the growing season starts and we are looking for people to join in, many hands makes light work as they say!

Message us now if you would like to help in any way, but right now we are looking for people who would like to DIG!

Email us on gilwernroots@gmail.com or follow us on facebook



The two plots will also need:

  • Seeds or plants - ideally beans, potatoes, sunflowers and strawberries, pumpkins and corn and people who would like to plant them
  • A small shed, we are on the look out so please let us know if you can help or donate. A small picnic bench or seats and fencing posts are also required!
  • Digging duties can take place at your leisure and we can either team you up (covid friendly) or you can come as a family.


Once set up both sites will be available for families or individuals to visit and plant in, so if you would like to help with this, again, get in touch!

A HUGE thank you to those who have allowed us to get started on this project! Here’s to happy, community growing!